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Consider These Quick Tips Before Installing Your New Floor

GreenTree Properties September 23, 2016

Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been settled for a while, consider these GT Tips before you’re next hard surface flooring installation.
  1. Decide whether you’re keeping the baseboards or getting new baseboards. Most flooring types require a small gap between the wall’s edge and the flooring’s edge, as with hardwood, to allow for movement. If you’re keeping your existing baseboard, you may need a quarter round to cover this gap.

  2. Is it level? The foundation, that is. What you can’t see may hurt you. Any major divots in the flooring may compromise the floor’s integrity, especially tile. Uneven flooring could lead to cracks and breaks that cost money to repair. If you’re demo’ing old floors, allow for time in between the demolition of the old floor and installation of the new one in case repairs need to be made to make the floor even.

  3. Are you installing on a second story? Many bathrooms using tile are going to be located upstairs, which means you’re going to need a waterproof subfloor when it’s installed on say, plywood. When wood gets wet, it swells and could likely break or crack your tile. A cement board will help ensure that this doesn’t happen, just be sure to think about this material when budgeting your project.

  4. Consider the pattern. If you’re installing hardwood floors or plank-style tile, you’ll typically want the pattern to run the length of the house, to make hallways and other longer rooms look larger. More complex patterns, such as herringbone, may require more material to allow for more complex cutting.

  5. Know your grout. There are two types of grout, non-sanded and sanded. Typically, sanded grout is used for flooring, while non-sanded grout (grout without sand) is used for walls.

  6. Seal it. Natural stones such as slate and granite are going to require a sealant every six months. Without it, a white film could develop over the tile and diminish the sheen.

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