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Your Realtor’s Rep Can Make or Break Your Purchase

GreenTree Properties August 30, 2021

A friend recently referred me to a retiring San Francisco police captain who wanted to buy a home in San Clemente. With low interest rates and low inventory, the competition for homes is fierce. We were outbid by a cash buyer on 15 Segovia, San Clemente, and then Buyer number 1 canceled. However, due to our past relationship, the seller’s agent contacted me and allowed my buyer to raise his offer before putting the home back on the market. My buyer got the home he wanted, and we closed in under 30 days!
The moral of the story? The relationships I have built over the past 20-plus years of living and working in San Clemente help me get buyers into homes. Don’t miss out on your dream home! Visit GreenTreeProperties.net for personal service with great results!

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