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Tesla Announces New Solar Roof

GreenTree Properties December 22, 2016

We’ve been looking at solar energy a lot these days, particularly roofs, and have even written about them before here on our blog. We look at solar panels as an investment in your home that will give you plenty of savings in the future and add value to your property. The biggest barrier to getting a solar roof is the cost of the equipment, in comparison to the benefits, so when Tesla announced a new solar roof that would cost less than a normal roof, we were floored.
The roof looks good, there’s no doubt about that. There are multiple finish options, including “Tuscan” and “slate”, which allows for a solar panel roof that looks like a normal roof. But aside from aesthetics, most of us are wondering if a Tesla Solar Roof is worth it. Namely, we’re more concerned about the return.
The cost of the roofs is estimated at around $50,000, so when Tesla says its price point is around that of a “normal roof”, they mean a roof with high-end materials. At this rate, it’s more a competitive alternative to other luxury solar installations, but with more of an unknown return.
Performance and efficiency are everything when it comes to solar equipment. The company itself has admitted that the aesthetic reduces efficiency by 2%, which is a lot. Tesla’s panels are roofs, or “roof integrated”, unlike other panels that are mounted to the roof. This design doesn’t allow for airflow between the panels and the roof and thus reduces energy and efficiency. Also, because of the design, you won't be able to install around shaded areas, which will lower your production output. There’s even a lot of talk about fire hazards because of the roof-integrated design.
We certainly admire the look of Tesla’s new solar system and are excited to see these concerns addressed over the years, as we know they will be. If you’re thinking of adding solar energy to your home, let us know, we’d be happy to share our experiences with you.

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