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Budgeting for a Landscape Upgrade

GreenTree Properties July 23, 2017

Preparing for a landscaping project can be daunting. We have some good tips to figure out how much you can spend on upgrading your yard to get the most bang for your buck.
Take an Inventory: Making a list of what you already have and doing a site analysis can help you figure out what truly needs to be done. You can discover hidden gems in your yard, such as plants that are lost in weeds and only need to be trimmed. This can help save you money and time during the process.
Hire a Professional: They can help you create a master plan that enables you to visualize the possibilities and create a guide to achieving them. Instead of making costly mistakes, professionals can help you avoid them and save even more money.
Splurge on the “Maximum Value” Features: An outdoor kitchen or a deck can provide tons of enjoyment and also earn money back when it comes time to sell your house. These maximum features should be functional and have a high return on investment.
Consider the Return on Investment: Similarly, to the previous tip, prioritizing your needs and wants is a must! You should establish the long-term maintenance costs and determine if it makes financial sense to complete all the projects at once or do them over several years.
Before you begin to start a landscaping project, sit down and weigh all the costs to determine what is right for you and your home. Questions? Please get in touch with Greentree Properties at (949) 492-0090 or here.

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