We recently completed two short sales on two of our vacation homes. Unfortunately for us, we did not use Kevin on the first short-sale. Our first agent was able to close the deal, but we wound up with a promissory note for our second mortgage and the process took so long we wound up losing our first buyer. Kevin handled our second short-sale. Prior to seeing how Kevin handled our transaction I thought most realtors were the same. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From day 1 it was obvious that Kevin was different. Kevin was able to get our ESCROW CLOSED about 40 days from the date of LISTING. Within a few days Kevin brought us a full cash offer, worked with the banks to get the information submitted timely, and hammered the negotiator on what we were willing to accept. Kevin was able to get our $195,000 second mortgage to accept the $5,000 offer from the 1st Lien holder with nothing out of our pocket. Kevin walked us through the short-sale package quickly and efficiently. In fact, for 9 of the 40 days, we were on vacation and Kevin handled everything for us. I’m generally not one to write these reviews but Kevin deserves it. I can’t recommend him highly enough. If you have a real estate need, you would be remiss to not have Kevin on your side.