Our Story

Your success is our success.

“Our purpose is not measured in dollars, volume, quotas, or percentages. We’re solely driven by our love for helping people reach their dreams.”

GreenTree Properties was born out of the desire to serve clients better. Formed in 2006, founders Kevin and Melissa sought to fulfill the widening gap of expert service and quality care for each and every client. When most firms were focused on the bottom line, GreenTree aimed to focus on what really matters — great individuals who are in need of honest, impassioned, and knowledgeable guidance in real estate.

We do more for you.

In the years since, GreenTree has continued to thrive, growing into a well crafted, collaborative team of venerable, hand-picked real estate professionals, while building on its original intention of creating indelible, successful partnerships with the ones they’re privileged to serve.

As dedicated real estate professionals that are committed to client success well after the sale, they routinely go above and beyond their traditional duties as agents. By utilizing a wide variety of skills in finance, contracts, negotiations, and marketing, GreenTree gives clients an advantage in the marketplace while safeguarding their bright future. 

Every client matters.

It’s a client-first service that not only advises you, but works diligently to produce the right results. This is GreenTree Properties, where every client matters and every real estate journey begins and ends with great service, great care and great results.